Turbo Ecom Revie w video----- Dear PrestaShop Marketers, Here are the  two MAIN focuses in Internet Marketing  (or in running any online business): 1 You must consider the ‘user experience' to death  and make it the easiest for your visitors to get what they want from your site...  or else they'll leave. (A big thumbs down for money and reputation if you can't master this!) 2 You must be making as much money as you can get out of it.... Otherwise honestly, what is the point?! You may love your PrestaShop and maybe even have your own products in it... but if you could affiliate sell EFFORTLESSLY (and partner with a prestigious store) on top of that  without any extra work...  why wouldn't you want to make more money? Why wouldn't you monetize it? It's a nonsense to do otherwise, and anyone who says they don't do it, or there's no point  just doesn't know how or have been told it's too difficult, annoying or expensive to do so. We

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“ Here’s How : You Do What Everyone Else Is Doing… You Don’t Give It To Them… You GIF It To Them .” “People Are Bored With Generic Emojis, Emoticons, Texting, Ads, Sending Simple Static Pics All The Time & Reading Your Long Paragraphs.” Right now, it’s all about  sights and sounds…  that’s the next big thing…what they can convey to you with audio recordings… or animations. Hence, the increase in video based squeeze pages. The human mind has evolved. We are all, whether you know it or not, getting FASTER, quicker, taking in more information and boring more easily. In a world of  convenience,  where people  want you to get to the point  so they can carry on with their busy day, more and more people are finding new and more modern ways to  interact and share  in much more creative and entertaining ways. If you are a  current Internet Marketer,  I won’t have to define a GIF for you … you’ll just know because it is all around you in both perso

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